With the motto: “cultivate love, fostering talent, promote creativity,” Nursery Schools International District 4 School System Vietnamese American confidence and parental care, training for children to develop a comprehensive from the physical to the soul.

Career Nursery annual enrollment of children from 18 months to 5 years old.

Program at international preschools:

Career Nursery: moderate physical exercise, which promotes intellectual help children fluent communication skills and self-service skills themselves.

Educational methods always focused communicate regularly, showing love and create the bond between her and the child.

International learning environment: 

System functional classrooms and modern room with appropriate toys, and safe.

Cared for each meal, sleep, nutrition guarantee.

Top quality training

Nursery program creates a solid foundation for the knowledge baby transition into primary school of Vietnamese American school system or other prestigious universities in Vietnam or International.

Take the necessary life skills matching ages.

Arouse and maximize the potential, laying the foundation for learning in the next grade and for lifelong learning.

Base here VASHOOLS ensure maximum safety regulations, sanitary, fire protection and ventilation conditions prescribed. Classrooms and function rooms use high-tech equipment and is designed suitable for ages psychology student. We always try to create the most suitable space for students.


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