Value for Students:

  • Sizes up to 25 students per class.
  • Our classrooms and modern function rooms.
  • Spacious playground, airy, artificial football pitch.
  • Diet to ensure nutrition and food safety, particularly in school canteens.
  • Shuttle system and dormitory facilities, and safe.

Value for parents:

  • Vietnamese program of the Ministry of Education and Training provides a solid foundation of knowledge at all levels of education.
  • ESL programs help students gain international qualifications by age appropriate.
  • Life skills training and the core values ​​expressed through 6 personalities are regular education: Content – Dynamic – Creative – Interests – Share – Responsible.
  • Students completing the course in Vietnam the US school system to ensure sufficient capacity to study at international universities and abroad.

Advanced teaching methods:

  • Apply visual learning methods lively, promote positive, proactive, creative, highlighted the role of students as the center of all activities of the school.
  • Guide them self-taught methods, ability to work in a team, practice skills to apply knowledge into practice, bringing interest in learning for students.
  • Respecting individuality of each student, nurturing and education towards positive personality of each child ages.


  • Recruitment registration
  • Admission Requirements
  • Official admission

Recruitment registration

Admission Requirements​




  The age prescribed by the Ministry of education and training


–The age prescribed by the Ministry of education and training.

– Education Quite over, conduct: Pretty


– The age prescribed by the Ministry of education and training.

– Recognized complete primary program

– Education Quite over, conduct: Pretty

– English proficiency test inputs.


– The age prescribed by the Ministry of education and training.

– Have graduated from junior high school

– Education Quite over, conduct: Pretty

– English proficiency test inputs.


a)  For transfer students:

– Students must have sufficient records, transcripts of grades before applying a new layer (eligible class).

– Rank Learning and Behavior forces late from relatively older and fully implement – D (for Primary), not being disciplined at the old school.

– Students are transferring between school year when completed one semester and included transcripts of the semester photo

b) Schools after evaluating the results will be sent to notify parents if students pass entrance exams.

c) If students have not learned anything about English would not pass English exams that are aligned input into basic classes according their education level.

– Parents apply for admission by the deadlines prescribed by the school 

– Profile of admission includes:

  • Enrollment Application (form school)
  • Health Certification
  • Copy certificates of immunization (for Early Childhood)
  • Copy of birth certificate (excerpt), or translation notarized birth (if a foreigner)
  • Household registration copy, or copies of the passport (if a foreigner)
  • School profile
  • Certificate of completion of primary education (for middle school)
  • Diploma Secondary school, or graduate certificate temporary secondary school (for high school)
  • Referral transfer (for transfer students)

Poll enrollment please download here


a) Profile of student enrollment should be complete and valid according to the school regulations.

b) The results of the learning and behavior of students in the period before applying to the school by parents provide will be part Admissions test, evaluate the accuracy and honesty.

c) Health Records with sensory evaluation shows that students do not have a shortage of health, the phenomenon of intellectual disability, autism.


Parents can view and download the registration form here VASCHOOLS admission

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Parents can leave information for advice or download the registration table VASCHOOLS official admission here

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Parents may see tuition each education level of each establishment here

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Vietnamese school program similar to the program US Department of Education does not? Curriculum like?

– Program to ensure compliance with the program of the Ministry of Education (for the content of courses, study time and examination …) Furthermore .Ben school also apply bilingual teaching model

* Morning: Vietnamese Program: according to the program of Ministry of Education and Training.

Special: 5th grade age children will be introduced to a negative number and the basic mathematics allows students to prepare for the baby to class 1.

* Afternoon: Program ESL (English as a Second Language).

– ESL program helps students use English as a second language fluently and confidently in everyday activities.

– In preschool mainly teach English songs, heard the simple English sentences.

– Teachers foreigners and Vietnamese teachers and classroom.

When baby graduation, she will learn to where?

When baby preschool graduation, she can attend to the elementary schools of Vietnamese American school system (in Q11) or public schools, other private.

Pre class English learning program what? Students also acquire small star?

– Students still full participation of subjects, teachers will have its own method of teaching children (eg can use gestures, using pictures, gestures use ..) Primarily local school children in English environment so that children become familiar with the English language with native speaker, learn to hear some of the common, study says these things in class, check out the image and various colors , learn to pronounce letters and simple figures

Smaller age as receptive language and speak giongm