As society grows, material life more and more modern then human life as well as rushing more busy than that not much time to care for a child of ours. However, children are again the biggest asset of parents. So anybody want their children to grow up in the loving care and most thoughtful teaching. To help parents peace of mind when you have to leave children to integrate into everyday life, the American Nursery School Vietnam our District 8 was established on 01-08-2012. School is located at 51-53, Road 1107, Pham The Hien Street, Ward 5, District 8, HCM City.

With the motto “love to teach young children how to love”. Team’s staff and school teachers always give all the love for the baby, so that when the baby to always feel the peace, warmth as also in the arms of their parents.

Our school received the care and education of children from 18 months to 5 years:

Kindergarten: 18 months – 36 months

Kindergarten: age 3 – 5 years

1. Program bilingual Vietnamese – English

Baby program of Ministry of Education and Training

Life skills programs for preschool

ESL Program

Children become familiar English through activities of singing, storytelling, games with native teachers every day

Learn English with Montessori

2. Talented subjects – Program Picnic

Aerobics, Folk Dance, Swimming, Music, Male

They will be visiting Picnic 3 times / 1 year.

3. Facilities

The school system Parents camera to conveniently observe your child at preschool.

School playground in cool, green is very suitable for the development of preschool children.

System airy classrooms, air conditioning, LCD screen service class.

Base here VASHOOLS ensure maximum safety regulations, sanitary, fire protection and ventilation conditions prescribed. Classrooms and function rooms use high-tech equipment and is designed suitable for ages psychology student. We always try to create the most suitable space for students.

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